Tara-Lee (York) Muise

Product Designer | UX/UI Designer

"I am so proud to call Tara-Lee my friend, client, and favourite teacher when it comes to all things web design. Her understanding and multi-passionate, multi-amazing creative approach places her among top teachers on the topic of branding, design, and spiritual creativity. You are in for an amazing journey working with and learning from Tara-Lee."

-Biljana Karamehmedovic, Leap Into Results

"Tara has been incredibly helpful in all aspects of the re-development of our website. As a small team with no in-house expertise, her help collecting user data, structuring the sitemap, and designing and customising the pages has been invaluable. Tara is a very patient person and a good teacher; we really appreciate how she has explained everything to us in simple terms."

- Libbe Read, FindACure